Retinol VS Retinal

RETINAL vs RETINOL You must have heard about retinal recently, but … do you know what it is and what its similarities and differences with

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skin spots

3 skin spots types

Types of skin blemishes, causes and treatments Skin spots or blemishes are a common concern for many people, and understanding what they are and how

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adolescents skin care. Cosmetics

Teenagers skin care

Skin care is very important for teenagers. Almost 80% of young people suffer from acne or blemishes. That’s the vast majority! Characteristics of teenaged skin

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how to care damaged or sensitive skin

Sensitive skincare

Sensitive skin is a type of skin which reacts in an excessive way to certain mechanical, physical, chemical and intrinsic factors. The main symptoms of

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what a booster is in cosmetics

What’s a booster?

The words we use in cosmetics are sometimes difficult to understand. We help you understand them! It’s the boosters’ turn. Boosters accelerate the results of

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use retinol in cosmetics for skin care

Is retinol for me?

Experts disagree on many issues but not on this one. Yes! Retinol is your best ally to improve ageing and sun damaged skin.  Did you

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lear how to care your skin. Your skin care, your rules

My beauty, my rules!

When your routine includes a single product, it’s easy to set the rules of use: Morning and/ or Night. Obvious! It’s specified on the product’s

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cosmetics for anyone, beauty

Customized cosmetics

Customized cosmetics offers the best treatment for each of us People are different and each woman has her preferences. Thus, each skin needs its own

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transparency in cosmetics comunication, labelist

Clear Beauty

Clear beauty, the beauty trend that Labelist adopts in its products We all care about looking healthy, but when we read the ingredients of our

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care skin after summer- Moisturizing

Skin care after summer

Back to routine! Recover your skin after the summer by hydrating it deeply Who can resist a summer of sunbathing, outdoor activities and beach, even

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