What’s a booster?

The words we use in cosmetics are sometimes difficult to understand. We help you understand them! It’s the boosters’ turn.

Boosters accelerate the results of a treatment. They slough off dead cells soothing the skin and making it more receptive to the active ingredients. They are the superheroes that appear to help when you think everything is lost. They perform and accelerate at the same time. They are infallible!


Even though both contain a high concentration of active ingredients they are not the same. Serums prepare the skin to improve or maintain the results of the following treatment. Their main function is that of hydrating intensively. This is why they are widely known as the previous step to creams. However, boosters differ from serums mainly because their effect is more immediate.

How should you apply boosters?

At Labelist Cosmetics we recommend applying them after your habitual treatment.

No doubt, immediate results! 

When should you start using boosters?

In fact, there’s not a specific age to start using boosters. It depends mainly on each skin’s needs.

What are the benefits of using boosters?

  • Leave the skin more receptive to active ingredients.
  • Penetrate the skin’s surface reaching its deepest layers.
  • Slough off dead cells
  • Achieve results in record time.

Discover Labelist Cosmetics boosters.

At Labelist Cosmetics, we have developed two boosters.

HOOT booster

Contains a vitamin combo to provide the skin with luminosity and smoothness in record time.

Nude Booster.

It penetrates to the deepest layers of the skin, sloughing off dead cells that cause wrinkles, blemishes, spots, scars, dull skin tone, clogged pores… If you think that your skin needs a makeover, don’t hesitate: Nude Booster is what you need.

In our blog you will find detailed information on how to use our cosmetics, but if you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact us at: hello@labelistcosmetics.com

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