Acne-prone skin and pores

"Acne is the result of an overproduction of sebum - an oily material that prevents the skin from drying out. The skin becomes oilier, shinier and thicker on the surface. This excessive secretion, when located at the level of the hair follicles, causes them to block. Bacterial growth is then encouraged resulting in the formation of blackheads, inflammations and acne pimples. Labelist Pure Shine Control Range helps you regulate excess sebum. Try it!

Cleansing pads

The perfect companion to our Osmolyte.

Glycolic + AHA

Intensive renewal treatment.


Prevents and reduces blemishes. Conceals pores. Evens out skin tone.


Cleanses deeply and cares for your skin.


Purifies and Controls shine.

Salicylic Biome Gel-Cream

Conceals pores and reduces imperfections.

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