Oily skin

"Oily skin is thicker, shiny skin, prone to pimples or blackheads. Enlarged pores are sometimes visible. DERMOCOSMETIC ADVICE Do not wash the skin excessively. Choose the right gentle cleanser. Maintain good hydration and use sebum regulating products with anti-inflammatory ingredients. Beneficial ingredients: Salicylic acid, Niacinamide and minerals."

Cleansing pads

The perfect companion to our Osmolyte.

Glycolic + AHA

Intensive renewal treatment.


Prevents and reduces blemishes. Conceals pores. Evens out skin tone.


Cleanses deeply and cares for your skin.


Purifies and Controls shine.

Salicylic Biome Gel-Cream

Conceals pores and reduces imperfections.

Vit K Serum

Brightens eye contour. Eyebags & dark circles.

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