7 Frequently asked questions

Where can I buy my Labelist products?

Labelist products can be purchased via the web from our distributors:

Each one has their own purchase and return policy.

How can I find the best Labelist product for my skin?

We have prepared a skin diagnostic test that, by answering a few questions, is capable of giving you the best recommendation. If you are not convinced yet or still have some doubt, write us an email to hello@labelistcosmetics.com – we will be glad to help you.

How can I add a review to a product?

Visit the product’s page and scroll to the bottom: you will find a form where you can insert your feedback on the product. You do not need to be a registered user. We look forward to hearing your opinion on our products, it will help us improving our quality!

How can I create my Labelist account?

Visit the link and enter your email. You will receive a verification message where you can pick your own password. It will help you keeping track of your orders on Labelist website. 

How can I discover each ingredients' role?

Look for the ingredients glossary in the footer of each page. You will discover tons of information on each active ingredients present in our products and its function on the skin.

What is the state of my order?

Access your customer area on Labelist website and visit the section ‘My orders’, here you can find the state of your shipping at any time.

I want to return my Labelist product. What should I do?

You must contact or manage it through the distributor or website where the purchase was made.<br>If you are not satisfied and/or want to tell us about your experience, do not hesitate to write to us at:


Labelist Cosmetics frequently asked questions

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