About us

We are a team of enthusiastic pharmacists specializing in cosmetics. Our products have been developed in Barcelona, Spain, for more than 10 years.

If you are passionate about skin care, Labelist products interest you.

Labelist, is a professional cosmetics brand recognized for its innovative formulas, which combine traditional ingredients with proven efficacy with optimal sensoriality.

Its products of pleasant application take care of your skin and fight any skin disorder. And the most interesting, its results are visible and immediate.


Experience and science come together to reveal how amazing you are


Follow your beauty routine

There are no secrets in our formulas other than our experience in the sector. We share them with you, with the hope that they help you feel good.

If you are looking to improve your beauty routine or increase its performance to show a radiant and healthy complexion in record time, Labelist is without a doubt the ideal way to do it. Simply choose the Labelist treatment that best suits your needs.

Don’t hesitate! Try Labelist and smile.