Add face yoga to your beauty routine and glow!

yoga for skin, tightening and elasticity

It is a well-known fact that Japanese women show a flawless skin. They are famed for well groomed, youthful, smooth and bright complexions, which we all crave for.

If we take a close view to their healthy life habits it is no wonder that the fact that they hardly sunbathe helps to achieve this fabulous complexion. Although if we delve a bit deeper, we’ll learn that they have some routines that help them show such a perfect skin.

Do you want to know it?

Surely at some point in your life you have joined a yoga class to achieve elasticity practicing impossible poses. However, have you ever tried face yoga?

Common sense applies, no matter how small the face muscles are, they should also require the same care as the rest in your body.

In her best seller “The Japanese Skin Care Revolution”, renowned Japanese practicing aesthetician Chizu Saeki recommends six different techniques of massaging your face to achieve a smooth fresh skin.

The techniques are simple and each specific movement of your hands is important for the skin. In this post we reveal them to you:

1- Stretching techniques: They consist of basic touching massages, which can be performed at different steps of the facial routine.
2- Pull and push. They are more energetic techniques than the previous one. They provide an easier penetration of the cosmetics and improve the lymphatic flow.
3- Gentle pinching and lifting: They are key to reduce lines and sagging. This massage can also help correct muscle habits.
4- Piano playing. This massage suits the eye and mouth area, which is an area of very fine and delicate skin. The point is to perform a massage as if you were playing the piano, shifting your fingers around your eye sockets and lips.
5- Tapping techniques: They are extremely relaxing. They consist of finger or palm tapping, striking, clapping the scalp and hands.
6- Pressing techniques. This massage performs on the dermis. The continuous rubbing brings up some warmth, which will improve circulation and will result in a healthy tone complexion.

One of the most important keys of facial yoga is that it requires a constant effort. So Labelist Cosmetics encourages you to add these exercises to your facial routine, with which you are bound to improve the general look of your face.

Follow us on Instagram and you will learn some movements to reduce wrinkles and sagging skin. However, as a fresh start, we encourage you to practice  the following:

About stretching techniques:
1- Use your fingertips to gently move the skin under your eyes inward while with the other hand lift your temple.
2- Place your hands on your chins and gently push your face outwards.
3- Gently lift your face skin with your fingertips or your hands

It’s not only a question of genetics that Japanese women show such stunning skin.

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