Serum or cream? The million dollar question

serum or/and cream in beauty routines

Which is better? A serum or a cream? Which is more effective? What should I look for? Which one should I choose? SOS!

There are many questions that I’m sure you have come up to at some point. In this post we give you some basic information about both cosmetics that will help you make a favorable decision. But, above all, you should know that they are complementary products.

What is a serum?
A serum is not a cream. Its texture is different. Moreover, it usually addresses a more specific purpose according to the needs of your skin. Its absorption is instantaneous. This fact allows you to use it before your moisturizer. In addition, its results are usually very fast although it is important to highlight that its nutritional power is much lower than that of a cream.

What is a cream?
Creams mainly provide nutrients to your skin, offering basic care to keep it healthy and protected from external damage. They are usually thicker cosmetics than serums, because they contain a higher concentration of fatty ingredients.

Basic differences between serums and creams

Serums have a fluid, light texture. This is why it is absorbed so quickly and works more effectively.  On the other hand, creams tend to have an oilier texture.

Serums usually contain a higher concentration of bio-elements and active ingredients, which penetrate deeper layers of the skin. On the other hand, creams remain on the surface of the skin, on the upper layer of the epidermis, and never reach deeper layers.

Serums perform a basic role according to the needs of your skin; luminosity, reducing wrinkles, hydration… They target and treat specific issues of the skin. In addition, they boost the effects of your cream.

As serums are formulated to reach the deepest layers of the epidermis, it is advisable to complement them with a cream that protects the most superficial layer of the skin. Serums don’t include sun protection factor because they are designed for you to apply a moisturizing cream with SPF afterwards.

Serums are usually more expensive than creams because they contain a higher concentration of active ingredients.

By now, you should have already come to the conclusion that serums and creams are complementary cosmetics and not substitutes, so we recommend you to include both products in your beauty routine.

Our serums 

Our first launch is based on a range of serums, because we focus on efficiency and results that can be perceived quickly. At Labelist, we classify the serums into three categories according to their purpose:

Why is our HA + B5 Serum so special? 

  • It improves the texture of the skin, leaving it velvety, firm and elastic.
  • It stimulates the skin’s production of collagen and elastin.
  • It eliminates signs of facial fatigue and gives the skin a lot of radiance.
  • It has soothing, regenerating and antioxidant properties.
  • It releases a very pleasant floral aroma.

Why is our Eye Care cream so special? 

  • It moisturizes and tightens the skin around the eyes.
  • It promotes proper blood circulation.
  • It decongests the area, eliminating signs of fatigue and reducing puffiness.
  • Reduces the appearance of dark circles under the eyes, evens out the tone and brightens up the skin.

Find them at !

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