Small and easy routines to pamper your skin

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We often think that a well-groomed skin is only for women who can afford a long-term, intensive beauty routine. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Most of us have little time to devote to our skin. We rush in and out of the house, answer our best friend’s WhatsApp while fixing dinner. Some of us bathe the kids while doing the washing and, on top of that, we are trying to make out tomorrow’s balanced menu … In short… days don’t have 48 hours and sometimes it is difficult to fulfill everything.  So …  no wonder our skin, which should get so much attention, feels neglected.

Our optimistic message is there are beauty routines very easy to follow that will bring a lot of light and energy to your face.  And we are sure you can do them when you find your moment of peace.

One of the routines that we, Labelist Cosmetics, encourage you to follow is to perform a good facial cleaning before going to sleep. It sounds as a cliché, but it is a must.

Cleaning your face with a good cleanser is essential to remove any impurities that have gathered along the day, as well as make-up residues, etc.

Our Osmolyte Cleanser is special because:

  • It is a cleansing foam enriched with Aloe Vera and Betaine.
  • It is formulated to remove impurities and/or excess oil from the skin.
  • It leaves the face soft, with a fresh sensation.
  • It is ideal for daily skin cleansing, leaving it elastic and toned.

In addition, there are some little tricks that will help you a lot to brighten up your face:

–  Warming a cosmetic in your hands helps it penetrate the skin better and double or even triple its effectiveness.
–  Exfoliants can be less abrasive and twice as effective if mixed with facial soap and warm water.
– If you’re enthusiastic about your daily skin care routine, you will get more benefit from it than if you just blindly apply many products.
–  Don’t neglect the facial yoga techniques we recommended in our latest post. They are small exercises that will help you to strengthen the muscles of your face skin.
–  Don’t worry about every blemish and wrinkle on your skin. “What determines your image is the general appearance and luminosity of your face”. Chizu Saeki (Japanese cosmetologist).

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