Vitamin C, is its longed for power real?

vitamin c and antioxidant capacity

For sure, at some point someone has told you about the benefits of Vitamin C for your skin. However, is this power real?

From a general health point of view, a lack of Vitamin C is reflected on a number of skin conditions such as

  1. Rough skin
  2. Dry, damaged skin
  3. Slow healing wounds
  4. Cracked nails

Vitamin C is essential for the production of collagen and acts as an antioxidant, protecting the skin from free radical damage. It protects our cells and helps maintain healthy skin, blood vessels, bones and capillaries. So, just as it is essential in our diet, it is also essential for the face, especially before and after summer.

The 6 key benefits of Vitamin C:

  1. Boosts glow.
  2. Fades sun and age spots.
  3. Anti-oxidant.
  4. Anti-ageing.
  5. Regulates excess oil.
  6. Evens complexion tone.

You may already be convinced that vitamin C is beneficial for the skin, but what are the existing forms of vitamin C and which are the most effective?

Pure Vitamin C

Pure L-ascorbic acid or vitamin C is a powerful skin care ingredient that is easily absorbed and starts working instantly. It is mostly used in single-dose, low % format and is often included in flash products. Despite this, it is not always the most recommended. Its handicap is that it is very sensitive and tends to oxidize easily. In addition, in high concentrations it can cause sensitivity and photosensitivity in certain skins. For this reason, when it refers to not monodose products, of frequent use or high doses its derivatives are recommended. They are more expensive, but you guarantee that the applied vitamin C is totally effective and does not cause sensibility.

Glucoside Vitamin C

Ascorbyl Glucoside is a stable derivative of Vitamin C that enhances collagen production, provides antioxidant protection and helps minimize the visible signs of aging. Its equivalency to pure Vitamin C is 52%.

Ethylated Vitamin C

Ethylated vitamin C is the latest generation of highly effective vitamin C derivative. It is 86% equivalent to pure vitamin C, has the highest absortion power and does not oxidize. This powerful type of vitamin C is perfect for the skin. It performs deeply and has proved to erase acne scars, age spots and reduce blemishes.


Vitamin C phosphates are other stable forms of vitamin C, with a 53% and 63% equivalence to pure vitamin C. They are less irritating than ascorbic acid. However, their absortion power is weaker than ethyl ascorbic acid.

At Labelist Cosmetics we recommend our Vit C + GAG serum, which contains 5% ethylic vitamin C, a powerful vitamin that will provide your complexion with brightness and energy. In addition, our elixir has the singularity of preventing the formation of melanin and reducing the appearance of small spots.

Surely with all this information you no longer doubt about the great power that vitamin C holds for your face. Make it your ally and you will have a fresh, luminous and radiant skin.

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