Flawless skin in Covid days

cuidar perfect skin after using masks frequently, covid times

The use of masks, which have become indispensable accessories for our safety, affects our skin wellness. Generally speaking, it results in a more sensitive and reactive dermis.

Learn how to take care of it with LABELIST and still look great!

The area covered by the mask suffers from asphyxiation and excess humidity, which increases the risk of infection by own bacteria. This can worsen pre-existing dermatological pathologies such as acne, rosacea or seborrheic dermatitis, causing irritation from rubbing or ‘’maskne ” (from mask and acne). The last one is the most common, when open pores, folliculitis, pimples or blemishes appear. Unfortunately, many of you have already noticed this. But don’t worry, there is a solution.

How to prevent or treat MASKNE?

As a prevention it is essential to follow a facial care routine that includes a non-aggressive facial cleanser and a good light textured moisturizer. We recommend the use of our Osmolyte cleanser, of which we highlight its dense and creamy foam and its pleasant fresh aroma, and our HA+B5 serum which has an ultrafluid texture with an important % of aloe vera and 4 kinds of hyaluronic acid that protect and moisturize from the deepest layers.

Regarding the use of makeup, I would strongly recommend not to use it, as it increases the pores clogging making the situation worse.

What if you already suffer from it? Just one more step, include our Salicylic serum in your ritual. The salicylic acid helps clean the pores avoiding their congestion and reducing the risk of infection. In addition, its mineral content and highly moisturizing active ingredients will strengthen your skin’s defenses.

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