Back to routine! Recover your skin after the summer by hydrating it deeply

Who can resist a summer of sunbathing, outdoor activities and beach, even though we all know that the sun is our skin’s first enemy causing wrinkles, dehydration, tightness, spots…? Anyway, the most important thing is to treat your skin properly once the summer is over.

Skin recovery treatments after prolonged sun’s exposure are aimed at normalizing the physiological functions of the skin and restoring the parameters that make it appear bright and healthy. Moisturizing, re-lipidizing and fighting free radicals induced by solar radiation are essential after the summer. Keep in mind that these are the same needs that are part of rejuvenation. Therefore, while skin sun damage may not be visible in youth, it will certainly appear later.

Under ideal conditions the stratum corneum or outer layer of the skin has the following composition:

  • 13% water
  • 70% protein
  • 15% lipids

After being exposed to the sun for long periods of time, this percentage of water drops dramatically. Dermatologists state that below 10% water the skin is considered dehydrated.

Taking refreshing showers, which give energy and improve the oxygenation of the skin and drinking two or three liters of water daily are very beneficial tips but not enough to achieve optimal skin condition. This requires topical treatment.

Labelist proposes a moisturizer and two boosters that help renew the skin and provide it with an extra vitamin cocktail. Choose the one that suits your skin best and try it intensively for 3 months. You will see the results immediately and your skin will appreciate it. We all love to look relaxed and tanned, but we must be very aware and moisturize the skin deeply.

Joy Serum

Essential daily facial care. After the summer vacation it is very common to have dehydrated skin. Therefore, the need to rehydrate and repair. Avoid skin flaking after the holidays and prolong your tan. A small gesture in your routine that will make a difference.

Hoot Booster

Intensive Antioxidant and Revitalizing Treatment. Regenerates, strengthens and protects the skin from external and environmental aggressions. It also allows to reduce minor blemishes and wrinkles. This makes it the ideal treatment while losing your tan for later on applying more aggressive anti-blemish treatments.

Smoother, more even and brighter skin!

Nude Booster

Intensive renewal treatment. The superficial layers of the skin are the ones that have suffered the most during the summer vacation. For this reason, exfoliating will help the skin breathe and regenerate itself by improving its texture. You will get a smooth and soft skin in record time. And don’t worry about your magnificent tan, you won’t lose it!