Reduces blemishes and evens out the skin tone
All skin types, especially with age spots


Reduces pores and the appearance of dark spots. Unifies the tone.

Cleansers and hygiene products
All skin types

Cleansing pads

The perfect companion to our Osmolyte.


Deep cleanses and cares for your skin.

Brightens the skin
Dull skin

Multivitamin Cocktail

Antioxidant & Brightening. Intensive revitalising care.

Vit C + GAG

Antioxidant & Brightening of dull skin.

Protects and moisturises
All skin type

HA + B5 + Silicium Mask

Ultra-concentrated rejuvenating mask. Immediately repairs, soothes and moisturises.

HA + Hibiscus

Protects and Moisturizes 72h.

HA + B5

Moisturizes and enhances your inner beauty.

Reduces imperfections and helps shine control
Oily or Combination skin

Salicylic Biome Gel-Cream

Reduces pores and imperfections.

Glycolic + AHA

Intensive renewal treatment.


Purifies and controls shine.

Anti-aging Dry, Dehydrated or Photodamaged skin


Restores and Reinforces the skin barrier. Anti-wrinkle cream.

Retinol 0,3%

Anti-wrinkle cream. Firmness and Elasticity

Retinol 0,15%

Anti-wrinkle cream. Firmness and Elasticity

Eye care
All skin types

Vit K Serum

Brightens eye contour. Eyebags & dark circles.